Overview of the Eight Kingdoms

The central kingdom. It is believed all the races which spread to the rest of Oleander started in Nightshade. Inhabited not only by men but also Elves, Dragons, Dwarves, Giants, and other less savory races, Nightshade is a land still untamed and with a mysterious history which the Wizards hope to recover.
A mountainous country, the kingdom is divided. Near the coast, and in the lower lands, dwell the men. Rarely do they travel into the mountains where the other races live, and often those who do travel there never return.
The ancient races of Dragons, Elves, and Dwarves have little to do with the Humans. Everyone likes to keep to themselves as much as possible.








Not counted as one of the kingdoms. Ricin is a small island inhabited by a race known as the Dark Elves. They were given this name not only for their cooper colored skin and black hair but also because in some of the past wars they have been known to side with the enemy. Many still do not trust them and they are usually left alone on their island. However, because of their exclusion from the other kingdoms they have become prime targets for a band of pirates who kidnap them and sell them as slaves.

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